Welcome to Tough as Nails!

I promised myself I was going to get a website going by end of 2019. I didn’t quite make it, but here we are on 1/1/20 with a themeless for your solving pleasure!

Now updated with Across Lite file!

Tough as Nails Themeless #1 – Across Lite

22 thoughts on “Welcome to Tough as Nails!

  1. Just found your site from a mention by BEQ. Nice puzzle – maybe a tad tougher than a Saturday Stumper. Had to resort to google twice (37D & 47D). I appreciate the advanced biological knowledge evident in this puzzle. I’d rather see tough clues in this direction than the usual deep cuts from the world of entertainment, though I may be in the minority here 🙂

    Congratulations on your site. I bookmarked it right away. Thank you!


  2. Very nice, thank you! Suggestion, add a simple way for people to subscribe to your blog, so they can get notifications.


  3. Too tough for me – in a good way! I look forward to being able to complete one of your puzzles without resorting to the “clear errors” feature. Thank you!


  4. Impressive, Stella! The hardest I’ve solved in quite some time.

    I don’t understand 7-Down … unless you’re talking about, say, a horse’s ass.


  5. Also came here from BEQ, also would love the option to subscribe so I don’t miss any of your posts! And thank you for doing this work! More diversity in puzzle creation 100%


  6. Came from BEQ. Really difficult. Hardest by far of any xword and ended up with 8 wrong squares. That said, I truly enjoyed the attempt. Had to put it down and revisit several times just to keep moving forward. Excited for the gratification I’ll get when I complete one with no errors. Very very well done. Thank you.


  7. Hi Stella, Evan Birnholz sent me. You hooked this economist with 15-A and a couple of corners sure were TAN. Thanks for launching this!


  8. Themeless #2 – Wow! Another very hard puzzle. I learned a several new words and inportant facts. My final square was the intersection of 1D and 17A. It took a bit of googling to find the missing letter, Now I know who the new president of Taiwan is and also that burlesque has had a resurgence. I love this kind of education. You’re gonna make me late to work!


  9. First of all! I just clicked on the “Reply” above that starts “Pingback”. Norton immediately put up a notification that it had blocked a “Malicious Download”.

    Now – Themeless #3 was another deliciously crunchy puzzle. Two googles (41D and 50A) to finish. Then I’m staring at GONGXIFACAY certain I had a mistake. But Google to the rescue, informing me that I had spelled FLIER wrong. I love learning new stuff from puzzles, especially from other cultures. Thank you again!


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