5 thoughts on “Tough as Nails Themeless #18

  1. Was there a word omitted from the clue [Summer camp] for 5D? The answer is related, I suppose, but it doesn’t really fit the clue as given.


  2. For me the puz link (still) leads to a page that has an endless loading animation (using Firefox). By experimentation I found that past puz links act the same. However, I found that it would properly download nonetheless by clicking the share link towards the top right.

    Nice puzzle. I didn’t know 60A at all, didn’t really know 55D either (but made an educated guess) learned some new things today….


    1. Google Drive changed the way their links work a few weeks ago. I had had a workaround to create a direct-download link before, but don’t know how to do so now. So there’s an extra step, but as you noted, you can still get the file.


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