Tough as Nails Themeless #32

Here’s the latest themeless!

A general note on my process: I don’t have an editor or test solvers. If I charged for these puzzles, I would want both of those things. But I don’t, and therefore I make no promises about these puzzles being perfect.

If you want to point out an error politely, as happens from time to time, go for it; I do read the comments, and yours will likely help me do better next time. I probably won’t go back in and fix the puzzle, since keeping up this site is something I do on top of a full-time job and making puzzles and trivia for (not a lot of) money. So going back and making things perfect when I could be using that time to make a new puzzle for the site, doing paid work, or hell, watching Netflix, is not something I’m prioritizing right now.

If you want to snark, don’t. At least, don’t do it in the comments. I’ll delete your comment and I won’t change my behavior. Kisses!

Tough as Nails Themeless #32 – Across Lite

15 thoughts on “Tough as Nails Themeless #32

  1. I can’t believe that anyone would or could complain about your puzzles. They are awfully well-made and a delight to solve. Thanks for this gift!


  2. The only complaint I ever have regarding this topic is with *my* inability to process more difficult clues. Your puzzles help me with getting practice on the harder ones and I appreciate your posting these as often as you do, along with your cryptic clues.


  3. One small correction re 31D (Some PCs) – I believe it would be more accurate if the clue read “Some former PCs”, since IBM got out of the PC market in 2005 when it sold that part of its business to the Chinese firm Lenovo.


    1. No correction needed. “Some PCs” doesn’t have a tense; it does not mean “Some PCs that are currently for sale” or even “Some PCs that are currently on desktops.” It means some PCs. And there were a lot of IBM PCs. “Some former PCs” would be fine, or “Some PCs, in the 1990s,” but this is a Tough as Nails crossword, and those clues would be too easy!


      1. I take your point, but I called it out only because it seemed slightly inaccurate to me as worded. But whether clued as “Some PCs” or “Some former PCs”, it’s one of the easiest entries to figure out. Quite a few of the puzzle entries justify the “Tough as Nails” title, but 31D certainly isn’t one of them. In any case, not a huge deal either way.


  4. I recently found your site and am enjoying your puzzles. Keep up the good work!

    Here’s a petty quibble from a sailor: the clue on 30 down “it goes from stem to stern” would always apply to “hull,” but not necessarily to “keel.” There are various types of keels, and most modern ones don’t actually go from stem to stern (full keel). ( “It can go from stem to stern” would work.


  5. About 13 minutes. This has been a really fun 90 minutes doing all your puzzles (in reverse chronological order). I really ought to do something more practical now…


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