Tough as Nails Themeless #44

This might be a little less hard than usual? I’m not sure. I did construct this to submit around, not to put on the website, so I might have clued it a little easier. It’s been a few months and the reason I’m using it instead of making a grid just for y’all is because I have, so to speak, A LOT ON ONE’S PLATE (15).

I do think it’s got some cool entries and I hope you have fun solving it!

Tough as Nails Themeless #44 – Across Lite

2 thoughts on “Tough as Nails Themeless #44

  1. It must be a little less hard. It only took me about 2 hours rather than the normal all day. And I don’t have a headache. Anyway it was fun. I love your puzzles despite the fact that they usually make me crazy.


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