Tough as Nails Themeless #68

July has been a very crammed month with puzzle projects I hope to be able to tell you about very soon. Yay! Also, if you want something done, ask a busy person. If the something you want done is a crossword puzzle or trivia questions, you should ask this busy person! (Assuming we agree on a pay rate, of course. Mama don’t work “for exposure.”)

This is the one place I do make puzzles for free — and here’s the latest.

Tough as Nails Themeless #68 – Across Lite

2 thoughts on “Tough as Nails Themeless #68

  1. Very tough for me and DNF; luck of the draw, or the lack of it, gave me 7 names I didn’t know, three of which I wasn’t able to guess. An enjoyable struggle.


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