Tough as Nails Themeless #80

Here lies a puzzle that was too esoteric for mainstream-land. I’m still going to hold onto the seed at 19A and try and use it somewhere that DOES go out to the wider world, because I think it’s a cool word that can be clued fairly. (It is also a word that describes me.)

Tough as Nails Themeless #80 – Across Lite

5 thoughts on “Tough as Nails Themeless #80

  1. Really liked this one! Found it easier that your usual, but still made me think. Clues were fun and interesting. Can’t imagine why this can’t go mainstream, more satisfying than anything the NYT puts out these days.


  2. Re your puzzle rejection, perhaps you needed an easier, more entertaining clue for your 11-letter entry? Here’s one for you: [Lover of “Black Swan” and “Swan Lake,” e.g.].


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