Tough as Nails Self-Indulgent Bonus

6/27/09 🙂 Photo by Chad Johnson.

Hey, look, it’s a bonus puzzle! Can I really call it a themeless if there’s a running thread of self-indulgence through the entire thing? Be nice, it’s both my 17-Across AND my 9-Down.

Somebody posted asking me to make the PDFs ink savers. I don’t know how to do that. I usually make the PDFs from Across Lite. If you know how to make ink-saver grids from Across Lite or Crossfire, tell me and I can start doing that. Otherwise, you get what you pay for!

Also, it has 74 words. Like I said, self-indulgent. I think you’ll like it anyway. 🙂

Tough as Nails Self-Indulgent “Themeless” – Across Lite

9 thoughts on “Tough as Nails Self-Indulgent Bonus

  1. Congratulations and thank you for the puzzle! I’m in the Venn diagram circle that knew 2D but failed to guess correctly on 36D. Thanks for keeping the puzzles coming.


  2. > I usually make the PDFs from Across Lite. If you know how to make ink-saver grids from Across Lite

    I assume you are using a PDF printer of some kind by this statement. Check the Across Lite options under “Printing” and then “Ink Saver Option”. Set it to the lightest square on the screen.


    1. There is no such option available to me. I wonder whether this is because I’m working on a Mac? Someone else sent me detailed instructions on exactly how to move through the menu and I confirmed against those instructions that the options he told me to select are simply not listed on Across Lite for me.


  3. Stella: It looks like there’s a typo in 56D. It says, “Direction that’s an anagram of 56-Across,” but that should say “Direction that’s an anagram of 50-Across.”


  4. Happy anniversary/birthday! My parents were married on June 27th, which was my dad’s 21st birthday. Hope you also have over 50 (mostly) happy years. (Jenni Levy in my WordPress disguise)


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